Vocabulary for Blackjack

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First of all, you must know that What are the words in playing blackjack cards. And when and when will each word be used, which will have 7 main words together as follows


(Blackjack) is the first two cards. Combined, get 21 points immediately, such as cards (A♠J♠)/ (A♠K♠) / (A♠Q♠), etc.


is to draw more cards. To get as close to 21 points as possible (unlimited number of calls) until you get a point close to it or equal to 21 points


is to be satisfied with the cards received. (Do not draw more cards) (Other names: Stay, Stick, Stand pat )

Double down   

(**in this case, can only be used when getting the first 2 cards**) is to bet 2 times more. By choosing to be able to call only 1 additional card

  • For example, when the first 2 cards received Have a total of 11 points, such as card number 5,6. Later, players can double their bets. The bet must be place over the square line. Then can draw more cards. Can get only one more card, that is, the 3rd card in order to win 10 points, and if this 3rd card really comes out as 10 points, including all 3 cards, then it will = 21 points, will be the winner.


(**In this case, it can only be used when getting the first 2 cards**). That is, if the player has a pair of cards, such as two 5 cards, the dealer will ask if they want to split (split cards) or not. If agreed, players can Split the two 5-point cards into 2 sets. Then can draw more cards as usual. Which both sets of cards It will be a card used to bet with the dealer in both sets.


(** In this case, it can only be used when getting the first 2 cards **) is that in some games. Players can request to surrender. And get only half of the bet money back


(**in this case, can only be used when getting the first 2 cards**) , that is, if the dealer’s first card is A, the dealer will ask if he has Insurance? (or insurance) or not, which if you do, you will have to increase the bet by half Of the previous bet (for example, the bet is 1000 baht, the Insurance is 500 baht) because the dealer has an A card, the chance that the dealer will win is considered very high.

  • which if the dealer gets blackjack Players will get the insurance money back and will get the bet back as well, a total of 1500 baht.
  • but vice versa If the dealer loses It will forfeit the money you have made Insurance as well.

all of which that the system has conditions Assurance comes up in order to be a hedging If the dealer has a score of 21 or Blackjack. สมัคร UFABET