How to play Basic Blackjack

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For how to play that blackjack card. Add has a basic playing process. to explain to everyone to understand where you can study the details You can get it from the topic under the picture below. สมัคร UFABET

Blackjack Rules

1. The dealer deals cards

which in the process of playing First, the dealer deals cards to each player first.

2. The dealer deals cards to himself. 

Later, the dealer will deal to himself. After getting 1 card for each player, the dealer will deal a second card to each other, 1 card for each player, in total, each player will receive 2 cards (which the player’s card must always be face down) (the dealer’s 1 card will be face up and another 1 card will be face down) 

3. Players draw more cards 

and when players see the cards still not satisfied with the points obtained Can call to draw more cards or receive more cards as needed As long as the card score is not yet 21 points

4. The dealer opens his own first card.

Later, the dealer will open his own first card or face up. to other player members See only one card, and the other card, the dealer will turn it upside down. until the player has drawn all the card

5. The dealer draws cards 

and after the players Draw all the cards and be satisfied with the points you get. The dealer will then reveal the card and draw more cards, which the dealer’s requirements are that the dealer must draw cards until the score is equal to 17 points to stop drawing cards, or if it’s easy to understand, it’s the lowest point of the dealer’s cards. That’s 17 points.

  • The rule of blackjack is that the dealer draws a card of at least 17 points, and if the player gets a point of 16 or less, it loses to the dealer.
  • But if the player is satisfied with 16 points, he can stop drawing. And waiting to hope that the dealer gets more than 21 points, then the player will win