Glazers selling Ghosts is a good thing

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Manchester United legend Nicky Butt thinks it’s a good thing the Glazers are willing to sell the club. The Glazers have been opposed by fans for the 17 years since they took over the club in 2005.

United fans have had several moves to evict owners. By the most severe time, it was inevitable that the invasion of the field before the game against Liverpool until the match had to be postponed.

But recently, United announced the sale of the club. It is expected that the process can be completed within this season. It’s not clear if it will be a full sale. Or sell some shares,

but Butt sees the move as a boon for the club. taking on debt and struggling under the current owners

“It will take months, maybe even years of effort and time. to manage this,” he told ufabet .

“It’s good that the team’s owners realize they need to attract investors. whether it is a full investment by selling the entire team or sell only part of the club It’s good for everyone. According to the UFABET

We are the biggest football club in the world and Manchester United shouldn’t go into debt or struggle.