Discussing a new contract, ‘Saliba’ does not progress

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Arsenal are reportedly still unable to reach a new deal with William Saliba, with the main obstacle being wages.

The Frenchman has been loaned out three times since joining in 2019, having previously been sent to Manchester United. Saint-Etienne, Nice and Marseille,

a 21-year-old footballer who has the best young star in the Ligue 1 season 2021/22, returns to the “big guns” this season, where he is the main character. Of the team that currently occupies the top spot in the Premier League with 14 appearances and 2 goals and 1 assist,

Saliba has the opportunity to join the “Chicken Brand” army in football. world in qatar Although he only had the opportunity to play on the field once, Saliba

‘s future is still an issue to watch. As he approaches the final 18 months of his current contract, Arsenal are trying to secure a new deal.

Arsenal’s offer has reportedly not been satisfactory for Saliba’s agent, leaving the deal unable to move to the next stage, According to the UFABET

however, reports say talks are ongoing and R. Senol believes that the good intentions of the club and the players will allow them to find a solution together,

with Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico Madrid believed to be monitoring the situation closely. They may intervene if both parties are unable to reach an agreement.