Cooper urges ‘Lingard’ to focus on away game

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Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper has urged Jesse Lingard to focus on Manchester United’s trip to Manchester United

in the Premier League. which will play on this Tuesday night

This is Lingard’s first visit to Old Trafford after making 232 appearances for United before the end of his contract and leaving last summer

. It’s an important game for Lingard and reminds the 30-year-old to stay focused. If he was selected to play in the game against his former agency

“I hope we all have the determination to play well at Old Trafford, Jesse has been there for a long time. This will be a big day for him,” he said, According to the UFABET.

“Meanwhile He and the others have to focus on what we can control. which is to do the work No matter who we get to be real The people who have played since the start of the game and the people who have been at the end of the game have to focus on doing well on that day

. And he knows that concentration is the most important thing in football. If selected to play, he has to do so.”

Lingard only signed a one-season contract with Forest. He has scored two goals and provided two assists in 15 appearances.