asked about the origins of Blackjack card game

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The origin of the blackjack card game ( Blackjack ) is still unknown because we have not yet found any clear evidence or records. But most people believe that the card game 21 It was played for the first time before the year 1700 or has a long history of more than 4 decades. Considered to have a long history ever.

It originated in the mining communities in the American West. The rules of the blackjack card game in those days were not very clear, there were rules as well. but many predicted that it would not be much different from the present That is to count the sum of the points as close to 21 points as possible. Whoever is close or has 21 points will win. but in the end Blackjack card game (Blackjack) has been popular since then until now. สมัคร UFABET

Blackjack card game rules

As mentioned above, the principle is simple. That is, after all the cards have been dealt. Everyone can draw unlimited cards, draw until your score exceeds 21 or gets a satisfactory score or score exceeds 21, you will immediately lose the right to draw and online blackjack. The game is played by player versus dealer. Other players’ points on the table Does not affect the player’s own cards

card counting

1. Cards from 2 – 10 have points according to the face of the card.

2. JQK cards are equal to 10 points.

3.A has a score of 1 or 11, depending on how many cards in your hand you have.

4. The total points of the cards are equal to 21, which is a blackjack card.