Just fat or at risk of “thyroid” Come check yourself.

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Just fat or at risk of “thyroid” Come check yourself.

 ” We may have often heard it through our ears that if we have thyroid disease. will make you fatter. So how do we know? That we just gained weight because we ate too much. Exercise a little Or because of the thyroid risk? 

Today, Dr. Peeradon Wiphatawat, an endocrinologist and metabolism specialist from the Doctor Dee app, will explain this matter to make it easy to understand.

A condition of the thyroid gland, obesity or hypothyroidism, is caused by the thyroid gland producing too little hormone. The body therefore burns less. gain weight and get fat enough But the weight gain It is not a clear indication that you are at risk disease. Must have the following symptoms: at สมัคร ufabet

Risk factors for disease

– has a goiter 
– is fat, swollen, difficult to lose weight even if eating little
– is always cold  
– Hair loss, constipation, frequent cramps
– Often sleepy, sluggish, forgetful

There are also other types abnormalities.

Namely thinness or hyperthyroidism. Which are caused by the body having abnormal metabolism. Therefore, being fatter or thinner cannot be used as a conclusion. Can you tell if you have thyroid disease or not? It needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional. So it will be the best.

If you find that you are gaining weight because you are at risk from disease. It is recommended to consult a doctor through the Mor Dee app to check for preliminary symptoms. Make an appointment at a convenient date and time. No need to wait in long queue. No need to travel to the hospital And if medicine is prescribed You can wait to receive your medicine comfortably at home because we have a service to deliver medicine to your home