Doctors recommend “breathing deeply” to get rid of “old air” in the lungs

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Doctors recommend “breathing deeply” to get rid of “old air” in the lungs, which can help relieve stress.

Humans breathe an average of 20,000 times a day, and respiratory specialists such as Dr. James Hoyt of the University of Colorado in America say breathing is very important to health. Report from ufabet

He said that the muscles of the respiratory system are being used all day every day until the day we die. by these muscles It is from the area of ​​the nose. Where we breathe in air. to the chest and the diaphragm area

Breathing in to the max Through deep breathing will breathing deeply make our lower abdomen inflate This can help lower blood pressure.

Faculty of Medicine website Harvard University Said deep breathing Can reduce stress too. And allow the body system to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide out fully

But on the contrary If we can’t breathe fully Doctors call this inhalation as chest breathing or shallow breathing, meaning it reaches just the chest. Not full lungs and not deep enough to allow the diaphragm to fully expand.

The doctor said “Shallow breathing” can make you anxious and restless.

And if you don’t breathe fully until it’s a habit, “old air” will get stuck in your lungs. and the diaphragm has less space to put “Freder air” that comes with oxygen entering the body

Therefore, experts Introduce breathing management methods.

So we can Get into the habit of taking deep breaths.

Start by finding a space to sit or lie down. Then bring one hand to touch the torso around the ribs. Start taking slow, deep breaths. The hands on your belly will feel the rise of your ribcage. Then exhale as slowly as you can, while the hands on the body feel the ribs slowly receding.

The doctor said This helps to expel the “old air” in the lungs and increase the amount of oxygen to the body.

Dr. James Hoyt said that breathing properly should breathing deeply come with not smoking getting enough sleep and eating nutritious food will help to have a good effect on the body completely

If anyone is breathing abnormally In addition to being a sign of concern It may mean other health problems.