Benefits of “saplings” high in protein – helps in losing weight.

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Benefits of “saplings” high in protein – helps in losing weight.

“Sapling” If you say just this, many people may confused. What does that mean? What kind of vegetables? Sprouts are sprouts of various kinds of vegetables. Which are considered plants that have many nutrients that are good for the body. Until I want everyone to try eating it. Report from

What are the sprouts of plants that are beneficial to the body?

  • Bean sprouts or green bean sprouts
  • Bean sprouts or young soybean plants
  • sunflower seedlings
  • Wheat sprouts or wheatgrass
  • Kaiware or radish sprouts
  • Doomiao or green pea seedlings
  • alpha
  • broccoli sprout
  • Brussels sprouts
  • red radish sprouts
  • Kale sapling

Why is sapling useful? And is it popular to eat?

Seedlings are the stage when plants are packed with nutrients and energy and are ready for growth. Therefore, when we eat It will have a positive effect on health. 

Benefits of young trees

  1. It is a good source of protein. Contains amino acids that the body is ready to absorb and use. 
  2. Plant protein helps in weight control. and is high in dietary fiber low carb It is a good option for people who want to lose weight. 
  3. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease better than animal protein.
  4. Packed with antioxidants Especially Brussels sprouts and kale sprouts. Which has antioxidants and anti-cancer in the group High Glucosinolates and Phenolics 

Be careful of raw seedlings.

Vegetable sprouts can be eaten both raw and cooked. But if eaten raw Be careful of contamination by pathogenic bacteria and food poisoning because of the humidity and dense nutrients in the seedlings. This makes the seedlings more attractive to various bacteria as well, so they must be washed thoroughly. Or cooking it over heat is safer. 

The saplings of plants in Thailand are not expensive and provide the same benefits to the body.

Compared to packed nutrients Thai style sapling It’s not expensive. But western-style seedlings may be expensive and a little difficult to buy. For people with agricultural skills It is recommended that it is not difficult to buy seeds to plant by yourself. It doesn’t take long Does not require a large area for cultivation and also confident in cleanliness