5 benefits of walking every day

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5 benefits of walking every day

Walking is one way of exercising that helps lose weight and reduce the risk of various diseases. very well A study by Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Institute of Cardiology has shown that People who walk for 10 minutes a day have a clear improvement in cardiovascular health. As a result, it can reduce the death rate. and help longevity as well as helping to improve overall physical health. Let’s see what other advantages at ยูฟ่าเบท. What are some interesting things that I get from walking every day?

1. Healthy heart
walking exercise every day Contributes to increased heart rate thus improving the pumping of blood as well The heart beats rapidly during moderate-intensity walking. As a result, the body is stronger. And over time, it will make the heart able to send blood to different parts easily and more efficiently. In addition, every day It also increases cardiovascular endurance, allowing women to exercise longer and harder.

2. strong bones and joints
Walking is a method of weight-bearing exercise. Therefore, it helps the bones to be strong. Increases bone density And helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures as well. Because stimulates the bones of the feet and legs. as well as stimulating movement of the knees, ankles and hips and helping to pump nutrient-rich synovial fluid. enters the cartilage in the joint So it can increase the life expectancy of the joints. as well as reducing the deterioration of the joints in the body as well

3. The body burns energy well.
Walking for exercise helps the body burn energy well. Because helps women sleep well, it causes the body to burn excess calories even when not exercising. In addition, while walking The body releases endorphins to increase energy. Using such a carriage will not make your muscles feel tired. thus making the body alert and able to exercise longer

4. Bright mood
Walking contributes to a clear mood. Because the body will release neurotransmitters like endorphins which is a substance that induces happiness and reduces stress The result is that the girls can deal with anxiety and avoid becoming depressed.

5. Sleep fast and sleep deeply.
Exercise can improve your sleep. more quality It will make you fall asleep fast and sleep deeply. That results in a relaxed mind. Does not cause stress from insomnia or insufficient sleep